Castle in Szydlow

The building of the royal castle in Szydłów is situated within the town walls in the north-west part of the town.

Prior to the erection of the castle in the 14th century, a princely court was undoubtedly once sited here which is suggested by the fact that in 1255 Boleslaw the Chaste and his court stayed in Szydłów. However, the relics of this castle should be searched for on the hill where nowadays the All Saints Church is situated.

The medieval castle was build of the local limestone on the plan of an elongated polygon with the dimensions of approximately 60 x 110 m. The castle complex was composed of two segments: the northern one – serving as an administrative centre and the southern part – a royal residence. The royal residence was constructed on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 13 x 35 m. This building had two chambers in the basement and two levels with an added projection at the south serving probably as a chapel. The entire structure was probably covered by a gable roof. In the period 1945-1947 the building was topped with a battlement which had never existed.

Castle in Szydlow
Castle in Szydlow. Photo by P. Walczak

The administrative part of the castle had the dimension of 15.5 x 35.5 m. It was a two-floor building with three chambers in the basement, which was discovered during archaeological works conducted in 1999. Currently, there is a gym located on the foundations of the northern building. The administrative building was erected during the reign of the Casimir the Great, while the royal residence was established a bit later - most probably on the initiative of Louis of Hungary.

The castle ceased to serve its residential function already in the 15th century. Afterwards, frequently burned and reconstructed, it gradually began to fall into ruin.