Geographical situation

The Gmina of Szydłów lies in the Świętokrzyskie Province, about 40 km south-east of Kielce - the region's capital. It is one of eight self-governing units of the Poviat of Staszów. It borders the Gmina of Staszów to the east, the Gmina of Gnojno to the west (Poviat of Busko), the Gmina of Tuczępy to the south (Poviat of Busko), the Gminas of Pierzchnica and Raków to the north (Poviat of Kielce).

The Gmina is of a rural nature. Its area is 10,753 ha. Population: 4991 (as at December 2010). Population density: 47 persons/sq km.

The Gmina's territory lies within two geomorphologic units: the Szydłowskie Foothills (northern part) and the Połaniecka Syncline (southern part). The Szydłowskie Foothills is a transitional form between the Holy Cross Mountains and the Połaniecka Syncline, which is evidenced by the configuration of the Gmina's terrain: undulating in the North, becoming low-undulating in its central part and ending as a flat plain in the South.

The whole territory lies in a basin of two rivers: Wschodnia River and Czarna Staszowska River. There are 16 villages with a village administration authority: Brzeziny, Gacki, Grabki Duże, Jabłonica, Korytnica, Kotuszów, Mokre, Osówka, Potok, Potok Rządowy, Rudki, Solec, Szydłów, Wola Żyzna, Wolica, Wymysłów.

The Gmina of Szydłów boast, first of all, of first-rate historical monuments and top quality fruit grown in the local orchards. Tourists can relax in a land of beautiful landscapes, enjoying clean water and mushroom-abundant forests. You are welcome to come and stay here!