Local product - smoked plum of Szydłów

The history of the smoked plum production in Szydłów dates back at least to the pre-war times. Before war these plums were appreciated for instance in Łódź and in Warsaw. At that time, plums were dried in ground pits on the so-called “sticks” – hazel sticks arranged densely one by one. It was fired with hard wood from fruit trees or other deciduous trees. "Sticks" evolved in time; in 1950s local people started to build drying houses which were much more durable and it was possible to dry there much more fruit, however, the smoking method has not changed.

This method is practically non-existent outside Szydłów and nearest towns. By means of combining a proper raw material with a specific method of production, orchardists from Szydłów offer and exceptional product – smoked plum with a very clear and intense taste and smoking smell. Dried plum of Szydłów is registered on the list of traditional products in the Ministry of Agriculture.