Nature attractions

The Gmina of Szydłów is characterised by valuable natural and landscape assets.Virtually the whole Gmina's territory lies within the Landscape Protection Area of Chmielnik and Szydłów Region. Forests, mostly natural, make up about 16% of the Gmina's territory. They are abundant in interesting plants, animals and mushrooms. Beavers have settled on the Czarna River near Kotuszów. It is also the place where storks gather together before they fly to the South. Worth seeing are caverns in Szydłów and natural monuments like trees and geological outcrops.

A yew-tree (Taxus baccata) in Grabki Duże

In the former manor park behind the palace-harem. The breast height diameter is 30 cm, log circumference at the height of 1.3 m is 94 cm, and the height is 8 m. It is 300 - 400 years of age.

A geological outcrop in Szydłów

It is a slope heading to the south of All Saints Church, between the Ciekąca River and Kazimierza Wielkiego St. Dimensions of the heading: 100 m long, 20 m wide, 10 - 12 m high. The profile reveals organodentric limestone (calclitites) typical of the Sarmatian stage of the Miocene epoch (Tertiary period). The profile is the best outcrop of organodentric limestone from the Sarmatian stage at the southern periphery of the Holy Cross Mountains.

A geological outcrop in Szydłów
A geological outcrop in Szydłów. Photo by P. Walczak

English oak (Quercus robur) in Kotuszów

In the former manor park at the horse stables. The log diameter at the height of 1.3 metre is 2 metres.

English oak in Kotuszów
English oak in Kotuszów. Photo by P. Walczak

A geological outcrop in Kotuszów

The scarp on the west side of the road in Kotuszów at the end of the village in Kurozwęki direction. The outcrop is about 30 m long and 3 - 4 m high at a roadside scarp. It reveals mudstone markedly changed by diagenesis with inlays of sandstones. Geologists had known about the outcrop since long and they had heated discussion about the age of the rock. Finally they concluded that the rock was from the oldest Lower Cambrian period (about 570 million years old).

A geological outcrop in Kotuszów
A geological outcrop in Kotuszów. Photo by P. Walczak