St. James' Church in Kotuszów

St. James Elder the Apostle Church in Kotuszów was built in 1661 on the spot where two wooden temples were previously burnt. The parish of Kotuszów was erected before 1326.

The present church was constructed in the Baroque style on the cruciform plan with a 30-meter tower and two chapels: of St. Anthony and of St. Joseph. The main nave is relatively short and rectangular. The presbytery is narrower than the nave, closed with a semicircular apse that borders on the vestry to the north.

During military operations in the period 1944 - 45, the church was severely destroyed – the entire interior with its furnishings was burnt. The vault of the nave and the presbytery collapsed. The original cross vault was preserved only in the side chapels and the vestibule.

St. James' Church in Kotuszów
St. James' Church in Kotuszów. Photo by P. Walczak

In 1945, Rev. Antoni Sobczyk became the parson in Kotuszów and he very quickly repaired the walls, rebuilt the tower and the roof, built altars and provided new furnishings.
In the church of Kotuszów, in the main altar, there is the painting of Our Lady of Kotuszów, worshipped by local people for ages. The parish church is in the possession of the parish archives since 1717.

The church in Kotuszów is situated on the trail of the St. James’s Route of Little Poland of the Sandomierz – Cracow section. The trail was blazed in 2008. It goes through the commune of Szydłów mainly along dirt roads – from the side of Kurozwęki through Kotuszów, Szydłów, Solec. The trail is marked with the characteristic St. James’ shells.