St. Ladislaus Church

St. Ladislaus Church belongs to the so-called „Baryczkowska series” - an expiatory church funded by the king Casimir the Great as a penance for causing death of the priest Marcin Baryczka.

It was built around 1355 of bricks - which is already an exception since all the buildings from that period, also including later erected ones, were built of the local limestone. The original temple was constructed on the rectangular plan with a polygonal presbytery. The vestry adjacent to the presbytery has original, Gothic ribbed vault. In the period of the Renaissance, an aisle with barrel vault was added to the nave.

St. Ladislaus Church
St. Ladislaus Church. Photo by P. Walczak

The building of the church underwent numerous modifications for 650 years of its existence. In 1630 the temple was destroyed by a fire which resulted in the collapse of the roof covered with heavy, Roman tiles and the vaults. The church was rebuilt, yet only the presbytery recovered its original appearance. The interior walls were plastered, destroyed window tracery was removed and replaced with wooden windows. The roof was covered with wooden shingles.

In 1944 the church again suffered extensive damages due to military operations. This is when, inter alia, the roof of the temple was burnt. In the period 1945-48 the church was renovated. During renovation works, two rich Gothic portals - southern and western - from the 14th century were discovered.

The belfry

The belfry was erected in 1724 on the plan of a rectangle with chamfered corners. According to one of the hypotheses, it was constructed due to the rebuilding of the former defensive tower. The evidence of that are supposed to be the narrow, rectangular embrasures and remnants of an entrance to the level of a sentry walkway running along the defensive walls. Originally, there were enormous stone sculptures placed in all four corners of the belfry representing: the Mother of God with the Infant Jesus, St. John the Baptist, St. Michael and St. Christopher.

St. Ladislaus Church and the belfry
St. Ladislaus Church and the belfry. Photo by P. Walczak

The ruins of a curate's house

The ruins of a curate's house are south of the parish church at the town walls. It was a Gothic building with a floor added later on. It was probably built at the beginning of the 14th and end of the 15th century. The preserved entrance to the cellars has an ashlar, ogival doorframe. The building was destroyed during the bombardment in 1944 – during the military operations at the baranowski and sandomierski bridgehead.